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What is eLearning?

The definition of "eLearning" is complex and changes over time.  For simplicity we define elearning as any use of technology which facilitates learning, teaching and assessment.  At a fundamental level, it is about using technology to do something which we either cannot do easily any other way, for example, to facilitate learning amongst a disparate group of distance students, or to do something better, such as, to support traditional modes of learning. However at a deeper level, elearning is the use of technology to promote the active development of knowledge and skills. As such it should:

  • engage learners in the learning process
  • encourage independent learning
  • develop skills and knowledge
  • motivate further learning.

Why use Technology?

Technology, if employed correctly, can help us in two ways: firstly, to do something we cannot otherwise do, or easily do and secondly, to enable us to do something better. eLearning, particularly in higher education, is in its infancy, but research indicates that technology can be used in education in a number of ways:

  • improve the student learning experience
  • improve retention
  • increase depth and breadth of learning
  • increase student numbers
  • creating sustainable learning communities
  • enable students to manage their own learning
  • enable staff to manage their workloads more effectively.